Jewellery collections make the coolest part of the women’s daily wear and also occasional wear. Some of us may have a lot of jewellery collection, but we would be confused about how to use them right. Some may have a little and may use the same for all costumes, and that would sometimes spoil the good look. One need not have a lot of jewels, but having a moderate quantity of jewels to suit all the costumes will be a great idea. Here are 15 jewellery style tips to make the best use of your jewellery collections.

1)  Look at the trend, but never follow them blindly

The current trend might not suit a few women. Every woman would not look bossy on using red lipstick and a diamond pendant. Wearing the current trend may make the people around gaze with jealousy and pride if it suits you well. But, it wouldn’t be worth spending on trendy jewellery if it looks odd on you. One can look at the trend to know about the current fashion stuff, but we must use our creativity while following them. To keep a tab on latest trends, you can also look for jewellery designing courses in JD institute.

2) Layer the necklace a perfect way

One must be careful when they choose to wear 2 or more necklaces. Too many bold and dark coloured necklaces will spoil your look. Choose the necklaces by looking at the shape of the pendant and the colour. Layer them and have a look along with your costumes. Choose to wear costumes that are plain if you want to wear decorative necklaces. The best thing that suits many people is the bold necklace in the centre with the subtle looking necklace on either side.

3) Earrings make the important part

Earrings must be chosen with care as they stand as a deciding factor on how your face looks. The one who has more than one piercing must choose the earrings with extra care. The studs make the best looks for the extra piercings. We must choose what we wear on our ears according to the length of hair and the make-over we have done on our face. The one who chose to leave your long hair free from your shoulders must wear long and thick earrings.

4) Mix up the different metals

Your jewellery collections will certainly be a mix of gold, silver, platinum and diamond. It is not necessary that you must wear all gold or all sterling silver. A platinum chain with a diamond pendant will also look good, Diamond necklace and gold bangles will also look perfect.

5) Bangles are cool

The bangles also must be chosen well to look elegant and stylish. Layering is important when choosing to wear more than one bangle. A single large bangle or a couple of medium-sized bangles would suit gorgeous party wear. Thin silver bangles look good on western outfits.

6) Choose the bracelet wisely

Bracelets are a boon to your jewellery collections. You can have 3 to 4 bracelets of various sizes, metals and colours in your collections. You can also wear it along with bangles if it goes well. A simple bracelet on the other hand where you don’t wear a bangle will also look good. Infact, jewellery designing courses fees is also nominal where you can learn to create your own bracelet.

7) Tiny rings do matter

You may think that a tiny ring on your little finger wouldn’t matter, but it does add to your look. Most tend to look at the finger rings as you use them to gesture while you talk. So, have good collections of finger rings in your jewellery set.

8) Decide what should be the focus

While choosing to wear a lot of jewellery according to the costume, it is a must to decide which piece of the jewellery must be the focus. If you want your costume to be a focus, choose the jewels that aren’t much bright.

9) Work on fitting your sentimental pieces

Most of us want to wear our sentimental jewel permanently or for some occasions. So, look at your jewellery collections and try the best to fit your sentimental pieces accordingly. If the colour of it looks odd to your costumes, you can fit in other jewels to match the colour of your costumes.

10) You can miss out on some jewellery

You need not adorn yourselves with jewellers from head to toe. Sometimes, choosing not to wear a necklace will also look good. A simple casual watch on the wrist may look good for some costumes rather than a set of bangles or a costly bracelet.

11) Visibility matters a lot

It is must to thick on if others could see what you wear. Look in the mirror and watch yourself after getting dressed. You can also click a picture and see if the jewels you wore are perfectly visible on the photographs.

12) Match your costume and jewellery

This is the most important part that one should never ignore. Think of adding some more jewels if the jewels you possess do not suit the costume you wear. It would be the worst mistake to wear jewels that look imperfect for your costume.

13) Decorative watches do make a jewellery

If you are wearing party wear, try choosing the best watch with gold chains or even a diamond dial. Decorative watches must look elegant and stylish. Never go for traditional large dials that are outdated. Having a couple of watches can do wonders.

 14) Be cautious about how much you wear

Experiment with your costumes and jewellery before wearing them for any occasion. Wearing too much or too little will spoil your look.

15) Never think hard on rules

Be careful while adding any jewellery to your collections. There isn’t any rule like one has to have all the sets of jewellery perfectly. There isn’t any common rule when it comes to adorning the jewels according to costumes.

Choose the best style according to your desire. Look yourself into the mirror after adorning yourself with your amazing jewellery and walk out with confidence. It is also necessary to have good collections without spending beyond our limit to earn.